Randy Aguilar
I’m an overall handyman when it comes to working on the artistic side of the digital world! I just think knowing a little (or alot) of everything makes for being a well rounded creator!

From the production of commercial and experimental music, movie scores and movie foley. All the way to stagecraft production, live audio and light engineering. 

Multi-instrumentalist, video producer and former host of OCTOPUS SOUNDS: massarts student run radio.

ok, maybe thats a bit much.

I’m just a Geek who loves to make mixed-media art.

My next project includes creating a retro video game styled VR Show! Writing and rendering episodes of POLYBIUS : A SPACE ADVENTURE

I was born in 1998, in the Upper Greater Boston area to my very hard working parents; who immigrated to America in the mid 1990’s.

In my elementary years I always expressed an interest in the arts. Illustration and piano playing primarily. In my middle school years I got into performing music with friends, switching to the electric bass over the no.2 pencil. In high-school, I would pick that pencil back-up to create posters and t-shirts for our bands gigs. Doing “local tours” as we called them.

In college I would expore the more technical sides of performing, marketing and recoding music. Video production is crucial to promoting yourself on social media, as well as learning a professional recording set-up. Education and practice in studio spaces was exatly what I needed! It sharperned my eyes and ears to the details that really make audiances remember the show!

wanna contact me?
Inquire at ︎ randysaguilar@gmail.com ︎