A working man named Pyump has run out of money, when suddenly an orange hat convinves him that he should rob a nearby bank.
Pyump robs the bank, than gets caught by security. During a scuffle with security, Pyump is injured badly.
He wakes up in his cell bleeding out.
Approached by the orange hat that convinced him to rob the bank, Pyump makes a deal to wear that hat in exchange for life.
This was a trick by the hat, who now posseses Pyumps body forever.

Created in 2019, “Death of a Stealsman” was a 2 week time sesitive improvisational project.
The goal was to go through the motions of writing, performing and recording all of the elements that go into a “Rock Opera”. The narritive musical numbers, the costumes and more.. 
This exersise was a test of my skills within the Audio-Video world, the result was a richer understanding and overcoming the issues that comes with creating a multi-media project.
If I were to create a Rock Opera over the course of 52 weeks rather than 2 weeks than I now understand what goes into it. 

All instruments performed and engineered by Randy Aguilar
Camera work by Aaron Edwards
Video Editing by Randy Aguilar