OCTOPUS SOUNDS:  Created by the MassArt Eventworks Team 2019-2020 (click here for team proposal) OCTOPUS SOUNDS was organized and curated by Randy Aguilar to act as a platform for students audio work.

Octopus sounds turned into a hub for bi weekly reports on campus news, and podcast shorts created by the student body.

Along side stiching together the episodes, Each octopus sound episode was submitted with longform artist interviews. Bands, Contemporary artists, painters, professors etc/

Octopus sounds was a sample of Massart College culture, giving those new to campus insight on what they were getting into. Fun, light and easy student radio released every other monday.

All episodes edited and organized by Randy Aguilar
Created and shared by Randy Aguilar and Aaron Edwards
Cover art all created by Aaron Edwards
Eventworks 2019-2020.